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 April 12, 2014

Early Childhood
Times: 1 & 2:15 PM

 July 1, 2014

Library Program
Alicia Ashman
Branch Library

733 N. High Point Rd.
Madison, WI 53717
Time: 3 PM


I had a very happy childhood growing up in Waunakee, Wisconsin.  On the introverted side as a child, I enjoyed spending time alone and frequently got lost in my own imagination.  My orange, Fisher Price record player invited me to spend time listening to audio books and popular music albums. The adults in my life read books to me.  Story-time at school was my favorite time (and not because my friend braided my hair). 

In grade school and high school, I actually enjoyed the English language and found that my favorite classes were those that focused on writing, reading, vocabulary, and grammar.  I was excited to hand in essays.  Yep. 

Being involved with band and the pom-pom squad, I came to understand and appreciate music and to perfect performances for a crowd.  “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”—John Wooden 

Entering college at U.W-Whitewater, I came armed with no clear plan.  I hadn’t prepared. 

By a stroke of the best luck, I eventually came to declare myself an Elementary Education Major. This became the path that led me to my passion.  It was through this curriculum that I discovered I enjoy:


Life brought me to New York for two years where I lived foot-loose and fancy-free (I highly recommend it). Love brought me back to Wisconsin in ‘05.

As I settled in on my first year teaching at St. Anthony School in Milwaukee, I found that story-time was still my favorite time…even if Ana was braiding Maria’s hair.  That year, I adapted The Legend of Jumping Mouse into my first “performance”. 

Currently residing in Theresa, WI, I am comfortably easing my way into the world of writing and performing children’s stories.  Currently my story, The Boom Lodge, is available to audiences as a theatrical performance (see additional links).  I am kept busy through motherhood, substitute teaching, and creating my second performance entitled Where the Favorite Things Live, due out Summer 2014.

I hope to see you at a show…or reading a book! 

RaChelle (Worachek) Lisiecki; Miss Licorice





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